ACBL Unit 539
San Diego

STAC Game on July 16, 2017

STAC Unit Game brings in record number of players

The July 16th Unit Game during D22/D23 STAC week brought in 31 tables to our usual venue at AIB: 24 tables in the Open game, and 7 in the 999er game. The field was strong with big names like Leo Bell, the Coopers, Lynne Feldman, the Strauchs, the Drakes, and our regulars Maritha and Kent, Roger and Suzanne and many more! The Open Game was won by Maritha Pottenger and Kent Hartman; their very respectable 64.46% game should earn them a placing in the District overalls. The limited 999er game was headed by Howard and Janice Richard, coming in first with 63.89%.

Hospitality hostess Martha Woodworth, aided by a bunch of volunteers, put on a class act with a nice spread of salads and cold cuts, and the popular cake and ice cream offering at break time.

Was it the STAC that attracted this nice crowd? Was it the summer break? Or was it the advertising thanks to our PR lady Gigette Caldwell? Whatever it was, please come back! We like to have you play at our 1st and 3rd Sunday unit games every month.

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