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San Diego Spring Sectional March 1-3, 2019 at Marina Village

Once again, Unit 539 will be hosting its bi-annual Open Sectional at Marina Village, Friday March 1st through Sunday March 3rd.

Set in a relaxed atmosphere in Mission Bay with lots of parking and fresh air, this Sectional will boast a variety of events as usual. If you favor pairs events, you'll find the right one for you. Open pairs are offered morning and afternoon sessions, both Friday and Saturday, as well as two limited events (1499ers, 299ers) for those who prefer to play with their peers. If teams is your favored event, stratiflighted Swiss team games are being held on Sunday. In addition, we will continue to offer a pairs game at 1:00 on Sunday for those who prefer to play a single session of bridge on Sunday.

The good news is that, once again, we have managed to secure one LARGE room for the Sectional which will hold the majority of the events. A second smaller room will be used to supplement it as needed and will be close by the large Captain's Ballroom.

Our Unit prides itself on the quantity and quality of food and snacks that we've served you over the years at our Sectionals. After spending many months discussing this, the Board relied on ?..DATA, surprise! and arrived at a unanimous resolution. First, the continuing downward trend in number of tables as well as the escalating cost of venue rental has meant that we've been operating at a loss consistently for the past three sectionals. We need to cut costs. We will be offering a reasonably priced boxed lunch, only $5.00.

Our research of other tournaments in the area supports this concept as more and more sectionals are putting this paid lunch option into practice. No worries! donut holes will be still be served a gogo in the morning, as well as sugary treats for the mid-afternoon break.

For those playing Swiss on Sunday, we promise a nice hot meal provided by our favorite caterer, San Diego Catering. See the flyer for more details - and contact us for additional information!

 Tournament Flyer

Unit Appreciation Party Revisited - January 6, 2019

The Unit Holiday Party has been historically held annually to celebrate the festive season and recognize our members, In the past couple of years, we've taken to shifting this event into the New Year after the holiday madness was over, as a way to kick off the New Year in appreciating our players. This is our way to give back to all those who have been loyal throughout the year and shown up on 1st and 3rd Sundays, and occasionally the 5th Sunday to play in our Unit Games held at Adventures in Bridge on Balboa Avenue. For the second year running, by popular demand, we opened our doors in La Jolla's Soledad Club to a catered buffet for 119 people, followed by an afternoon of bridge.


Celebrating Lena's 101st in style!

Celebrating Lena's 101st in style. Lena, dressed to the nines, a beautiful hairstyle and perfect manicured nails, walks into AIB today with a huge smile on her face. It's her 101th birthday.

Sitting as usual at table 3NS, she is beaming with joy as all the bridge players give their best wishes and gifts and wines.

Playing her normal Saturday partner Tom Tatham, Lena's name also was on the Barometer game board with a 60% after round 3. That's our Lena! The play was halted a couple of times to announce director Davis with a beautiful birthday cake (or 2 as it turned out), and Wirt dressed formally came by to offer a champagne toast to the Queen of San Diego! Congratulations Lena, you are the best!

-Lamya Agelidis

Unit 539 Impressive Player Accomplishments

San Diego Unit 539 witnessed some major wins by our players at the Summer NABC in Atlanta. Jim Johnsen, with partner Rick Gold of Oceanside 531, won the Bruce LM-6000 Life Master Pairs! Undaunted by this fabulous accomplishment, San Diegans Jim Johnsen and Dorn Bishop, partnering with Desert Cities 533 players James Weeks and Neil Stern, continued on to win the 0-6000 Mini-Spingold Teams!

Kudos to all these District 22 players, and special congrats from Unit 539 to Dorn Bishop and double winner Jim ("JJ") Johnsen.

Additionally, Unit 539 has the rare opportunity to honor three of its members upon attaining the milestone of Platinum Life Master (10,000 MP) and Emerald Life Master (7500 MP). Jon Wright and Mac Busby achieved Platinum Life Master and Suzanne LeBendig reached Emerald Life Master last month.

Congratulations and great job, all!

Thank you for your support of The Longest Day

San Diego Bridge Unit 539 participated in The Longest Day, supporting the fight against Alzheimer's disease on Sunday, June 17th, 2018.

As a global partner of The Longest Day, the ACBL has supported hundreds of bridge clubs across the country for six years as a way of raising awareness and funds for Alzheimer's disease. Thus far, bridge players have raised more than $3.5 million for the Alzheimer's Association.

Click here to see more on this event, including photos

Sunday, Feb 17, 2019


San Diego Unit Open Pairs


San Diego 999er Unit Game

Online Directory Drive

One thing we are certain of is that everybody likes a complete phone and email directory. Our goal is to have one San Diego directory shared by the five units in San Diego County. It is online, since a paper directory is not cost effective unfortunately. With your help, we can get there. Again, we can't publish your contact details without your written approval, so just send an email to contact one of your Board members to share any contact changes with us.

Online Directory

Get Your Results As Soon As They're Available!

Unit 539 is publishing the game results on

To make the best of BridgeResults features we recommend that you register your email address (if you have not done so already). This will allow you to receive notifications by email when the results are published, to have your name highlighted when you look at the results, and many other features.

You can also upload your photo to BridgeResults to be added to our galleries of players.

Latest News!


Forum Article (88 KB)
By Stuart Showalter


Solution to the Bridge Puzzle
For the Puzzle in the Spring 2018 Issue 2 Newsletter


Solution to the Profession Puzzle (13 KB)
For the Puzzle in the Spring 2018 Issue 2 Newsletter


The Bridge Express (2527 KB)
Issue 2 - Spring 2018

Second Annual Unit Newsletter

A year ago, we issued the first edition of THE BRIDGE EXPRESS, a collection of articles to regale you with unit activities and events. This initial edition was emailed to those addresses we had on file, and snail mailed to those we didn't. We hope you all enjoyed it. This year, we have expanded the newsletter and included member profiles, interviews, editorials, and even puzzles! We are proud of our finished product which was emailed to all members with known emails on record. If you'd like to receive it and you are not listed in the online directory, please let us know at and we'll add you to the list and forward you a copy.

Alternatively, we will make the newsletter available online on June 1st so stay tuned!

Enjoy and let us know what you think of it!

 2018 Spring Newsletter Issue 2

District 22 Forum

For interesting Bridge news and information use this link every month for the latest issue:

District 22 Forum Monthly Newsletter

Looking for Partners for Unit games?

Our website has a Partnership Desk feature - Just select the Navigation Tab on the left of this page, enter your basic profile, and our partnership chair will start searching for a match! Try it, and let us know what you think!

Alternatively, if you decide last minute that you're looking for a game, just contact Lamya Agelidis, 615-887-1012, our Partnership Chair, who will be happy to get you a partner for Unit Games!

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