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New Member 539 Game on Sunday, September 29th!

Special New Member Unit game scheduled for Sunday, September 29, 2019 at the Soledad Club.

Come join us for a pizza lunch, bridge, and welcoming our new Unit 539 Members. Lunch is served at 12:15 p.m. A special 299er game and Open game start at 1:00 p.m. The card fees for new members who joined the ACBL and Unit 539 between August 2018 and August 2019 is $5.00.

 See flyer for additional information

Non-Life Master Tournament scheduled for October 25 & 26, 2019

Non-Life Masters (NLM) mark your calendars: Friday and Saturday, October 25 & 26, 2019.

Those are the dates of the San Diego and La Jolla NLM Sectional. This year's tournament will be at the Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center at 4126 Executive Drive in La Jolla. Easy to get to with plenty of free parking. The game is open to all non-life masters with less than 750 masterpoints.

Last year's NLM Sectional was a great success with 68 tables of Pairs. This year we're planning for an even bigger and better tournament. There'll be plenty of snacks each morning, along with free coffee. Lunch is available for purchase each day for only $5. All games-including a special game just for brand new players with less than 50 masterpoints-- will pay out silver points. The Pairs games will start at 9:30 am and 2:00 pm each day. As an added bonus for the die-hard players, we will be offering a discounted card fee of $10 for Saturday's 2:00 pm game if you also play in the Saturday morning session.

Hope to see you there!

 Tournament Flyer

Congratulations to the 2019 Summer Sectional Winners

The San Diego Summer Sectional ended on August 3, and for the first time in memory, one player virtually swept away all competition. With two overall wins, two second overall wins in Open Pairs, and third place in the Swiss Teams event, Rick Roeder brought home the bacon with 43.93 MPs. Roeder attributes his success to choosing good partners and teammates: Mac Busby and Iftikhar Baqai in Open Pairs, and Sam Madison, Lynne Feldman, and John Coufal in the Swiss Teams event. Congratulations to all these fine players.

Other Swiss Teams winners were Marshall-Timblo-McCay-Patel, Reid-Savage-Spiro-Yim, and Thomas-Miyata-King-Daniels. Other Open Pairs winners on various days included Ralph Tribbey/Rodolpho Veinbergs, Mac Busby/Greg Chaffee, Joe Houde/Andrew Loh, and Lynne Feldman/Sam Madison.

In 1499er Pairs the winners were Richard Hill/Patrick Staley, Doug and Peggy Magde, Raj Patel/Ed Zevely, and Avi Schneller/Bill Lietzow. The 299er games saw the pairs of Ed Kaufman/Peggy Trader, Selby Winkler/Paula Duncan, Gordon Ritchie/Kevin Dolan, and Janet Booth/Susan Mumenthaler take home top honors in the various time slots.

We hosted a total of 226 tables, which is a drop from last August's sectional table count of 232.6. It takes a lot of work and a lot of people to put on a Sectional. Thanks go to all the volunteers and workers-seen and unseen-who made this event possible.

They include Mario Hernandez for help with set-up and transportation, Evan Ziegler for helping Marge with partnerships, John Lagodimos for allowing us to use his bridge tables at no cost, and finally to Kevin O'Neill who worked very hard the entire weekend. Special thanks to Paul Darin who directed all three mornings for our Sectional saving the Unit additional ACBL expenses.

Results are available as usual under the Calendar tab from the Home page. Use these links to see the top master point holders among Open players, 1499ers and 299ers. Congratulations to all winners, and thank you all for coming out and supporting your local Sectional.

Looking forward to seeing you at the next Sectional early March 2020. Stay tuned for more!






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Mac Busby



Andrew Loh



Joe Houde

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Ho Ming Yim



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Patrick Staley



Jill Seagren



Richard Hill

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Ho Ming Yim



Patrick Staley



Gary Miyata



Edward Zevely



Wayne Sottosanti

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Ron Huffaker (1938-2019)

We are sad to report that Ron Huffaker passed peacefully in his sleep on Tuesday September 10, 2019.

At the time of his death, Ron was a diamond life master (6600 mp) as well as the top-ranked player in the unit, according to Chris Champion's (Colorado Springs) bridge power ratings.

Ron frequently won bridge events at local bridge clubs, sectionals, regionals and North American bridge championships. Ron, playing with his brother Harold, won the Mini Blue Ribbon Pairs at the 2009 fall NABC in San Diego. This was an all-consuming three-day event.

David Oakley shared the following memory:
Ron and I played pairs together for several years, and he and Mary were frequent Swiss team team-mates; hitting the overalls many times at Sectionals and Regionals. Somehow the Huffakers would always come back with a +800, when we missed game of slam; or a minor suit slam bonus, when our opponents just bid 3NT. Our best performance was at the 2010 San Diego Regional, when with David Walters we won the Sunday Swiss; interrupted by an earthquake, which apparently shook up the other teams.

Playing with his favorite partner - his wife, Mary - they also won the Unit's Tribute Trophy in 2018.

Ron and Mary's contributions to the bridge community and specially our Unit are immeasurable. Tireless, they both served selflessly. Regularly before the unit games, Ron was the helper in the kitchen, taking orders from the chefs, chop this, arrange that. At the end of the unit games, Ron would be in charge of the unpopular collection of the trash and taking it to the dumpster, a thankless task he always volunteered for. He had his special assignments at our Sectionals too: those meticulously cut, multi flavored doughnuts that used to get us through the morning hours at bridge? Ron would be the one who would bring them in early and cut them up... But Ron's special contribution to the Unit's kitchen offering is unequivocally his Egg Salad. He would bring in his mixing bowls, his seasonings and put his magic touch to produce everybody's favorite egg salad.

Ron will be sorely missed by all.

The Longest Day - Sunday, June 16th, 2019

As most of you know, the ACBL and the National Alzheimer's Association have partnered for a few years now in a fund raising event called The Longest Day. Clubs from all over the nation participate in this event which runs for a whole week mid-June. San Diego Unit 539 kicked off this year's 2019 The Longest Day (TLD) fundraiser on June 16th with a 25 table bridge game. In addition to the funds generated from the card fees ($8/table), Beth Granby, the Unit TLD coordinator this year led a team of volunteers to secure additional funds for this worthy cause. The Unit raised over $3400. Players donated in memory of a friend or a loved one, bought raffle tickets in exchange for a free week of bridge games and purchased gift items donated and created by members of the Unit. Donated gift items included Judy Rimer and Suzanne Lebendig's knitting and crochet handiwork, as well as Jane Good's ceramic plates.

A Limerick contest enticed players to be creative - a $5 entry with a promise of publishing the winning limerick. Winning entry below, compliments of Bridget Poizner

Bridge is a fun game to play
And it helps keep the cobwebs away,
For friends whose memory has faded
By Alzheimer's raided,
Give your utmost this Longest Day!

The Longest Day - A day of remembrance, donation, and teamwork for Unit539 in 2019. Late donations can be made directly to Alzheimer's at

Cheers to you!

Very special birthday wishes to two of our bridge playing friends, shown here with Gigette Caldwell recently at San Diego Bridge Club on Home Avenue.

Florence Seltzer (on the left) turned 99 last month, and Ursula Pardo is 90. Happy birthday to two of our favorite players!

Sadly, two weeks after posting this story on the website and in the Forum, Ursula passed away on Friday, May 31st. Funeral plans are pending in New York.

Sunday, Nov 03, 2019


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One thing we are certain of is that everybody likes a complete phone and email directory. Our goal is to have one San Diego directory shared by the five units in San Diego County. It is online, since a paper directory is not cost effective unfortunately. With your help, we can get there. Again, we can't publish your contact details without your written approval, so just send an email to contact one of your Board members to share any contact changes with us.

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Mazatlan Sectional in Sinaloa, Mexico (390 KB)
Mazatlan Sectional is scheduled for Jan 23-26, 2020. It's a great little ACBL sanctioned tournament on the Pacific Ocean that is ideally suited to people in the southern US who are not far away from Mazatlan and want to take a January bridge-break. See attached tournament flyer.


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