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Jun 4th Annual Membership Meeting - votes, speeches, thanks, welcome and a picnic!

Unit 539 closed off its fiscal year on Sunday June 4th with an annual membership meeting and a lavish picnic-style lunch. Our President Lamya Agelidis led the meeting with a call to vote to ratify the bylaws and followed on with her state of the unit address summarizing achievements over the last year and acknowledging all Board members and other volunteers.

Two long-time Board members are stepping down after many, many years of service: Vicki Creamer (22 years), and Barb Holles (12 years) and were profusely thanked for their hard work over the years. Three new board members were introduced, Pete Moyer, Larry Sherman and Martha Woodworth. The new Board will have its first meeting on Sunday June 18th, at which point, all positions will be firmed up.

 Lamya's address can be found here

Start a Pillow Fight!

Do join the Longest Day fight against Alezheimer's by participating in the pillow fight that Beth Granby, a Unit 539 member, began. She has taken your donated T-shirts (thank you!) and turned them into pillows which she is now offering at AIB in exchange for a minimum donation to the Alzheimer's association. Once you pick out a pillow (excellent, unique gift for the person who has everything), you can pay her in person or put a cash or a check made out to Alzheimer's Association in the Drop/Collection Box found by the pillows along with a Donation Form also by the pillows.

Even though the Longest Day is June 21st, the Alzheimer's Association is accepting donations through the end of August. So there will be pillows available after the 21st since AIB bridge players have energetically cleaned out their closets and Beth is continuing to sew more pillows. Direct donations to Alzheimer's can be made using the link below.

Take a pillow home and start a fight... against Alzheimer's!

Bridge with the Pros

Many thanks to all those who participated in the first annual Bridge with the Pros auction, which benefited our San Diego Unit.

For a first year event, we proudly surpassed our fundraising goal of $3,000. Even more important, the Pro Auction created excitement and fun for our bridge community.

The event would not have been nearly as successful if not for all those who helped to make it possible. We are especially grateful to the incredible collection of local players, teachers and writers including: Andy Loh, Bill Grant, Cameron Cotton, David Abelow, Ken Monzingo, Kent Hartman, Kitty Cooper, Lynne Feldman, Mac Busby, Maritha Pottenger, Paul Darin, Phyllis Yates, Rick Roeder, Robert Rosenblum, Roger Doughman, Steve Cooper and Wirt Gilliam for their participation in the Auction. Every single Pro was extremely supportive of our efforts and we are grateful for their time and generosity.

The following are some interesting analytics from the Auction:

  • 834 page views appeared on our online Auction site.
  • 62 total bids were entered online and at live events.
  • Bidding tables with a poster display at the Spring Sectional and San Diego Regional.
  • $3,410 raised to help our local bridge community.
  • The value of countless volunteer hours was priceless.

Mostly, we are grateful to the participants who gave generously to help support our efforts. We hope the winning bidders will have a memorable and instructional bridge game with their Pro.

We are so appreciative of your support and thank you for making the Auction so successful.

For a complete update of the auction results, please visit the auction website:

Auction Website

Sunday, June 18, 2017


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